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The Keepkey is a simple piece of hardware that can store your cryptocurrencies easily.

You will no longer need to stress over losing all of your Bitcoin after storing it in a digital wallet that has a wonky setup.

This physical wallet is a great device for keeping hackers and thieves away from your precious digital currencies and other tokens.

Why Do I Need Keepkey?

Keeping your cryptocurrencies on a computer is risky because it is hard to properly secure those digital tokens. There are a lot of kinks to work through, especially in securing your digital wallet’s key. By misplacing your digital wallet’s key, you would be at risk of losing all your digital currencies and tokens too.

On top of just keeping your key around, there are hackers that can pass along viruses and keyloggers that are specifically used to steal your digital wallet’s key. Be careful of clicking on anything that looks like click bait.

KeepKey - The Simple Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

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Keepkey’s advantage is that your digital wallet’s key is built into the device, which can store a lot of different currencies and tokens too. This hardware component is capable of storing Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Gold and multiple other erc-20 tokens.

What Else Does Keepkey Offer?

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The Keepkey is a physical asset, which means you can store it the same way you would store gold or store cash. A good option could be placing the device in a safety box at a bank or in a safe at home.

There are a number of options to keep your Keepkey safe. On top of that, the digital wallet acts as its own little safe haven for your digital currency and tokens.

Strong Security Features

The digital device offers bank-grade security protocols. The development team at Keepkey claims that it is the most secure Bitcoin wallet on the market. Keepkey accomplished this through the use of cryptography, a display screen, and other key security features and add-ons. The nuances of keeping your digital key safe in order to protect your digital assets are all baked into the device itself.

Due to Keepkey not running an operating system, hackers sending viruses, malware, and keyloggers cannot exist on the device. Using this digital coin storage system will give you confidence that hackers cannot get to your digital currencies.

Recovery Options

This device offers you a chance of recovering your data through a twelve-word recovery sentence. This safe feature is offered to you when you initialize your Keepkey.

In the event a Keepkey is lost or stolen, this recovery option can be very useful. You can safely recover your device settings and Bitcoins without compromising your private key, which is held in the device.

Multicurrency Support

While Keepkey continues to use Bitcoins to illustrate its various features, the digital storage device can host a number of other cryptocurrencies as well. The platform is rather diverse and offers a lot of space to store digital currencies and tokens.

The physical wallet is one of the more advanced cryptocurrency safe devices on the market, and it is well known to hold a variety of different currencies and tokens. The compatibility across blockchain networks is a rather unique feature.

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The digital device works well with a PC, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems. Keepkey is a USB HID-class device, which means that you do not require drivers to be installed. Just plug your storage device into your computer and you are set to bank.

The simplicity of the device is another big selling point. It is especially important when there are more and more people entering the cryptocurrency and blockchain space as enthusiasts that are just starting out. “It is very hard to do the wrong thing,” according to the developers of the Keepkey device.

The Technical Specs of Keepkey

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Here are some of the specifics behind the digital coin storage device. Some of the elements considered are the compatibility, the material makeup, and the packaging.

USB Access

What Comes with Keepkey

Device Dimensions

The Device Materials

How Keepkey Works

The digital currency storage device works with the wallet software on your computer. The device takes over management of private key generation, storage and transactions from your computer.

You will need the Keepkey app, a USB cable, a computer, Google Chrome, and a recovery card.



Other Key Features to Your Keepkey

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While Keepkey is easy to use and initialize, there is more to explore when it comes to the security and transaction potential of this digital coin storage device.

Secure Storage

The private key that you either downloaded from your old system or the new one that was generated for you is securely linked to your device. The key can never leave the device.

Additionally, the private key is pin code protected, which renders it useless in strangers’ hands.

Transacting Potential

As you know at this point, the device is capable of storing multiple cryptocurrencies in its framework. Keepkey has a large digital display that gives clarity to every digital currency moving in and out of the device.

However, each transaction must be manually approved, which can be a tedious process. Nonetheless, better to be safe rather than sorry later on. Safety comes first when it comes to your digital currencies.

An option called ShapeShift allows you to move and exchange assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum directly on the device. On top of that, it is also supported by clients like Electrum and Mycelium.

How Much Does Keepkey Cost

The digital device is priced at $129 at the list price on Amazon. However, the Amazon Prime price is $75 with free same day shipping. It saves you around 42% of the original price.

Part of the cost of this device is the functionality, but it seems like a portion is given toward the packaging and design. Review pages have shown the unboxing experience to be part of the charm that comes with Keepkey.

Keepkey Ratings

The cryptocurrency storage device has received rave review for its ease of use and security features. Bitcoin, as well as other supported cryptocurrencies, are easy to transfer over to this platform for safekeeping and future spending.

The ability to operate offline is very appealing as it avoids any issues of hacking. This is mainly due to hackers not having an operating system to target.

The physical storage device also boasts a security screen for displaying passphrases and numbers. This acts as an additional security layer to avoid sharing sensitive information over a connected device.

Due to all the security features aiming to prevent further hacking and poor storage, the Keepkey ratings are rather high and the demand for this product is popular.

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